About floating dock

Unique patented design provides a stable floating platform in fluctuating water levels. These docks are designed and engineered to be safer with skid-resistant surface that sheds both water and the sun's extreme temperature. Deck hands will appreciate the splinter and nail-free construction.
Maintenance-free, color-molded polyethylene plastic resists oil, gas, UV rays and salt water, and won't rot, peel or splinter like wood. A hassle-free 2-year warranty assures long-term performave, season after season.
Rearrange and extend your options with new configurations limited only by your imagination.
Installation of the float sections is simple with slip-fit connectors, one allen wrench (6mm) and a pair of helping hands. Complete your MasterDock with a variety of functional, eye-pleasing accessorie and anchoring methods.
There's no need to get wet when installing the MasterDock. You can use the dock as an extendable work area and assembly only takes a few hours!
Because the MasterDock system is modular , docks can be expanded to any length, makeing it easy to accommodate customers with additional docking slips or reconfiguring for various sized-boats. Closely spaced support ribs provide rigidity underfoot, while the unique design of the float chambers trap air on the water surface for additional bouyancy. Since the dock is made of durable polyethylene plastic, it will last throught boat hits and harsh weather. Boaters can rest easy that the dock will not mark or puncture their boat, and they'll appreciate the easy transition from water to dock.